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Ferrari Purosangue SUV is intriguing in the latest spy photos

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Ferrari’s V6 hybrid supercar isn’t what it seems, and will reveal this Thursday (June 24) that it won’t be the only addition to this fleet, and that a whole different race will come to life in 2022. Serving as a little one reminder that a Ferrari SUV is coming, this strange and intriguing test of ´´ was seen on the streets of Maranello, already looking quite familiar. Although the body can confirm its nature, it is an entirely different vehicle underneath a Maserati skin.

This developing vehicle travels much closer to the ground and has large openings in the rear bumper, where exhaust tips suggest that the Purosangue contains some power and is serious. Overall, the article’s author says he’s getting the feeling that the Ferrari SUV will be slightly smaller and more athletic than the ‘Levante’. This should come to life once the prototypes start using the final body.

Originally announced in September 2018, the ´Puroblood´ (“pureblood” in Italian) aims to “reset expectations”, according to Ferrari, and will roll out in a newly developed and supported front mid-engine architecture. to a four-wheel drive configuration, hybrid powertrains, a dual-clutch transaxle transmission and variable ground clearance likely achieved through air suspension.

Its entire structure will also support various wheelbase lengths and various seating layouts, including a four-seat cabin planned for the Purosangue. The SUV is getting a rear seat entertainment system inside what will be a spacious and comfortable cabin, according to one of the slideshows published by Ferrari nearly three years ago.

These new Ferrari models – including the Purosangue – will be available with “various powertrains with greater specificity in power output, and even more so in the electric motor. “Competitor Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX are said to arrive in the ‘flavors’ V6 and V8, with a potential V12 version that would go against the Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​Speedand its W12 engine.

The seemingly longer hood compared to a Levante suggests that Ferrari will have enough room to support a twelve-cylinder engine, which Italian peeps have officially declared will remain close by.

Apparently, the naturally aspirated engine still has plenty of life, despite increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Engineers can pull more than the 830 horsepower available on the ‘812 Competizione’ model, although an application as sophisticated as the V12 is probably reserved for a hypercar.

Ferrari will likely begin road testing of its first SUV with the final production body in the coming months ahead of an official unveiling scheduled to take place in 2022.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV is intriguing in the latest spy photos

Source: Engine1

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