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Fan on a Galaxy? Samsung will be close to launch gaming smartphone

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Almost all phones, especially the latest generation, are really capable of handling mobile games, even those with intensive graphics. Dedicated gaming phones, however, add some special features designed to make players’ lives easier.

This includes preventing your phones from overheating due to all this activity, namely for long periods of use at maximum performance. Instead of just advanced cooling technologies, some gaming phones are based on computers and, accordingly, are placing fans inside the smartphone itself. And Samsung may be the next to put a fan on a smartphone.

To be clear, this is still not a certainty, but Samsung just reserved the marketing phrase for this feature. Discovered by the website LetsGoDigital, Samsung has applied for a trademark in Europe for “Activate Fan Mode” that applies to phones and tablets. Considering that none of Samsung’s current mobile devices have a fan to activate, it only makes sense that it will be available on a future phone.

Fan on a Galaxy Samsung will be close to launch

Activate Fan Mode suggests that in the future that users will be able to turn the fan on or off, a reversal of the “Fanless Mode” that Samsung implemented in the new Galaxy Book Pro laptop. While the fanless mode tries to offer a more computer experience silent, Enable fan mode allows users to push the phone’s hardware to the limit without strangling the CPU with heat.

Obviously, in the updated version, Samsung phones do not heat up terribly during the game, but it would be no wonder that in excessive use for long periods of time, problems can begin to occur, otherwise it would not make any sense the gaming smartphones that have been launched to enjoy more advanced cooling systems than current top-of-the-range smartphones.

Associated with this brand, the LetsGoDigital website also found an add application related to the one above with the reference “Unleash Your Fan Power”, similar in terms of meaning and which gives more strength to the possibility of an imminent launch of a smartphone. (Is it the new Galaxy Z Flip?)

This may be a particular problem when Samsung launches its supposed Exynos 2200 that will come with AMD graphics technology. Samsung will certainly try to promote this phone as a gaming phone and will probably need some additional cooling systems to compensate.

1620918103 280 Fan on a Galaxy Samsung will be close to launch

Of course, this is still only a possibility based on a trademark registration. Samsung is expected to focus first on an ARM-based laptop with the supposed Exynos 2200, but a phone may also be on the table. Whether this will be a dedicated gaming phone complete with a built-in fan is also a distinct possibility, but only a possibility, however.

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