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Fake WhatsApp Pink allows your data to be stolen

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Cybersecurity experts have warned that the circulating WhatsApp Pink is a malicious app that can steal your data once installed and allow hackers to access your phone.

Some users were sent a message containing a link and pretending to present their current WhatsApp experience in pink instead of green.

The message also promises new features, and to give more credence to the claim, the link has been posted as an official WhatsApp update.

However, instead of making any changes to the original WhatsApp, the link leads to a page with the option to download the malicious WhatsApp Pink app from their phones.

The malicious application has no relationship with the WhatsApp platform or the Facebook company.

And theSpread A security researcher tweeted to report on WhatsApp Pink trading, and he also provided a few screenshots showing how the malicious app mimics the WhatsApp interface to trick users.

He said: WhatsApp Pink is largely aimed at police and media professionals, and a link to download the app was initially sent to police officers in Delhi and Rajasthan.

And users are warned not to install any APK or application other than those available through the official application store from Google or Apple.

And it seems that the bad actors who posted the message about WhatsApp Pink have used various links.

However, users are advised not to open any links that purport to bring any new looks or features to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp said: Any person can receive an unusual, unspecified or suspicious message via any service, including e-mail, and we strongly encourage everyone to exercise caution before responding or sharing.

She added: We also recommend that people use the tools we provide in-app to send us a report, report a contact, or block a contact.

It is reported that this is not the first time that a fake version of WhatsApp has been traded, as in the past users were attacked through the WhatsApp Gold application that was also created by some hackers to obtain user data maliciously.

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