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Facebook wants to develop augmented reality hat

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According for patent New patented by Facebook, the social network is developing an Augmented Reality Hat, which expands device immersion, facilitating more advanced augmented reality experiences within a separate, standalone unit.

The patent was monitored by Founders Legal, which also provided a brief summary of some of the key elements of the device, which indicates why Facebook is looking to create the AR Hat, unlike the AR glasses that Facebook is also developing.

The screen is integrated into the brim of the hat to reduce contact with the user. In addition, the heat-generating components required to operate the AR screen can be given similar treatment and inserted into areas of the hat that do not have contact with the user, such as the tip.

The hat provides more spatial options for the required components than the glasses alone, which may make it a better choice for more immersive, stand-alone augmented reality use.

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Founders Legal also notes that the expanded surface area of ​​the device allows for more digital sensors to be added, including face trackers, microphones, environment sensors, etc.

The extra weight added by the AR system can be evenly distributed throughout the hat, rather than just a few pressure points, resulting in a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.

And if AR glasses don’t look good, even if they’re useful, people won’t wear them, and using them won’t be easy.

And Google found this out the hard way with Google Glass, as the odd device’s reputation outweighed most of its potential value.

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The device had other limitations. But the eyeglasses’ appearance alone was considered a significant factor in the market resistance, ending its potential as a consumer product.

Facebook’s ambitions in augmented reality:

Snap knew this when they developed the first Spectacles. Which is why she places special emphasis on the design and appearance of the glasses.

Meanwhile, Facebook has partnered with EssilorLuxottica, maker of Ray Ban, to build its next smart glasses. The first version of which is expected to be released sometime soon.

However, this first version is unlikely to be fully AR supportive. Facebook is promoting its entry into the world of wearable devices for augmented reality through smart glasses.

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These smart glasses allow the wearer to take photos and videos from his real view point, along with some other functions.

As a result, the AR Hat may be Facebook’s first real shift into the wearable AR field.

The added ability to include more elements makes sense. And if it seems acceptable enough, it might be a viable option, depending on where Facebook is dealing with.

Facebook notes that there may be many variations of the hat style in the patent. She said the current format describes a variety of methods for incorporating AR components into the various hat-based formats.

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