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Facebook wants to attract reporters to its news platform

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Facebook said it has committed $ 5 million to pay local journalists’ salaries in multi-year deals as part of its new news platform to help freelance writers attract audiences and make money through the social network.

The company explained that the move is part of Facebook’s response to the email newsletter trend, led by platforms such as Substack, as it focuses on reporters who are often the only voice covering a particular community.

The company is prioritizing journalists who plan to cover news about blacks, indigenous people, Latinos, Asians or other colored audiences in locations that lack an existing news source.

The company added that journalists are able to earn extra money publishing stories using its tools, starting with subscriptions, and each writer can set their own price.

And theAnnounced The company announced its news platform last month, and includes a free self-publishing tool that allows reporters to send newsletters and charge subscriptions, as well as integrate with existing features, such as Facebook Pages and Groups.

Facebook described local news as part of a larger self-publishing strategy, and a company spokesperson said: We are in the process of launching a platform to help freelance writers, experts, journalists and trusted voices reach new audiences via Facebook.

He added: As part of our commitment to engage local writers at launch, we are opening the door to public interest journalism writers who They are looking to access this new platform and the services we provide to build an independent business.

Facebook said it is partnering with the International Center for Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists to assess applications, and it gives selected journalists access to experts and services to help them build their news business.

The growth of paid newsletters has shaken the news media world, with prominent journalists leaving jobs to work independently across platforms after monetary enticements and unfettered subscription earning potentials.

Facebook is competing with other self-publishing platforms, notably the newsletter provider Substack, which has launched A million-dollar initiative called Substack Local in mid-April, saying: It selects 30 local news reporters to receive year-long advance payments of up to $ 100,000.

And the social media giant announced about investment $ 5 million in local news last year, It also pays national news outlets to post content through their social network.

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