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Facebook removes claims that vaccines cause autism

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The Facebook platform is expanding the false claims related to Coronavirus, Coronavirus vaccines, and vaccines in general Plans to delete it From their platforms starting today.

The company began removing false coronavirus claims in December of last year and notifying customers when they interact with a post that includes wrong information in Al-Hashr itself, but the list of potential claims that could lead to the post being removed has now grown.

Highlights include The new extended list For false claims related to Coronavirus and allegations regarding vaccine being removed:

  • Coronavirus is man-made.
  • Vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they were made to protect against.
  • It is much safer to catch the disease than to get vaccinated.
  • Vaccines are dangerous, toxic, or cause autism.

Facebook says it is starting to enforce this policy immediately, focusing on groups, pages and accounts that share content from its new list of claims, adding that it is considering removing sources of posts altogether if they become duplicate.

It is worth noting that the company says: It implements this change only during the health emergency associated with the Coronavirus, so while the crackdown on such allegations may be a major blow to the anti-vaccination movement on Facebook, it may not last for long.

Facebook was a major source of misinformation about vaccines even before the pandemic, and tackling it directly could have a major impact on people who would otherwise become anti-vaccines.

Expanding what is considered false information about vaccines is a smart move by Facebook, but some people are concerned about posts that might be discovered in the company’s new and larger network of disinformation.

Studies on the effectiveness of some masks, vaccines, and tests are still underway, and as written, Facebook’s new guidelines may block conversations about new search results. I noticed Professor at UNC University (Zeynep Tufekci) Zeynep Tufekci.

Moreover, Tufikji notes that recommendations from public health agencies have changed over the course of the pandemic, which could mean that old posts from organizations, such as the World Health Organization, may also be removed.

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