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Facebook no longer hides: Wants to make Instagram the new TikTok

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Instagram Director Adam Mosseri confirmed that Facebook wants to completely change the format of Instagram by turning to onscreen video content and recommended video feeds, stating that it is no longer a photo-sharing app as it has become known and gained great prominence, leading Facebook to buy the company.

In a 2:26 minute video posted on Twitter (?), Adam Mosseri talked about the future of the application. In his video, he confirmed that Facebook will start testing a new “full-screen, immersive, fun, smartphone-first video” and plans to “try a number of things in this space in the coming months”.

He confirmed Instagram’s plans to show users full-screen videos in their feeds, recommended by algorithms that will include content from accounts they don’t yet follow. Essentially, Instagram is following TikTok’s path in a shift that could reduce its position among some users as one of the best social networking apps.

“We are no longer a photo sharing app or a square photo sharing app,” admitted Mosseri in announcing the big changes. “Let’s be honest, there’s really serious competition right now… TikTok is huge, YouTube is even bigger and there are lots of other newbies too.”

Mosseri said that people look to Instagram for fun and that there is “strong competition” and “more things to do”.

Many people turned to the Internet to express their displeasure, including Time magazine’s Alex Fitzpatrick, who said that “every day it becomes clearer why Systrom and Krieger left”, the Instagram founders who walked away not long after the company left. purchased by Facebook.

Instagram is realizing that being seen as a photo-sharing app is quite narrow and limiting, having had to add new features and additional formats to keep up with market trends on social media, and this is another step in that direction, with the clear objective of now facing TikTok and a video model that is gaining a lot of prominence

Criticism of the tweet was high, with many users accusing Instagram of killing the photos and being a version of TikTok trying to become YouTube.

Adam Mosseri even went public to say that what he meant was that they were no longer just a photo-sharing application, but the damage is already done and now we need to understand what will happen in the future and what kind of tests are going to happen. happen on the social network, to really understand what Instagram is going to become.

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