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Facebook is testing new animations when sharing a post

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Facebook is testing a new way to highlight your shared feed posts, using animations that appear in the post as users scroll.

As shown in this video from a social media expert Matt NavarraWith this new process, when you want to share a Facebook post to your News Feed, you have the option to add a colorful animation or background to add to your updated post.

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There are a bunch of different animations and backgrounds to choose from.

Once you add your chosen animation, it is then shown to other users as they scroll over your update in their feed.

The feature appears to be under limited testing, and you can see in the video that when it’s available, you see a new “Share your reaction to a post” notification at the bottom of the main image.

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This is similar to the Stories-style reply option for regular feed posts, adding another element to the process to help increase engagement and make posts stand out.

But if everyone is starting to use it, it can be a little confusing to have all those smiley face emojis and animations popping up as you scroll.

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Facebook is testing new animations:

Accordingly, Facebook has data about the rate of engagement of posts. And you know that shared posts contribute little to most people’s overall feed activity.

As such, the risks in this sense are likely to be low. But still any generic add-ons run the risk of quickly becoming obsolete once every other user arrives.

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For brands, the option can also provide a means to help promote your promotions through UGC.

And by collaborating with the right people, you can get them to re-share your latest updates with their followers. And with this new animation attached, it can help draw more attention to your initiatives.

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