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Facebook is adding new revenue tools for game streaming operators

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Game makers continue to build meaningful communities and generate profitable profits through the Facebook Gaming platform.

And theYou want Facebook is for content creators to have additional tools in order to generate the income they need to grow through the platform.

Videos on demand are very popular on Facebook. The platform is increasing its focus on video-on-demand games to give content creators the tools and support they need.

Facebook wants to invest in helping game makers take advantage of the resources they can provide to help their content reach the largest possible number of people, whether direct or on-demand.

Facebook has added a new monetization feature, and continues to add more support for on-demand gaming videos in the coming weeks and months.

Stars for on-demand gaming videos:

Facebook is testing people’s ability to send stars while watching on-demand game videos.

Stars are an effective way for viewers to support the live broadcasters.

You can set star targets for videos in the dashboard and track them in real time against stars received from viewers.

For eligible VOD content, the star bar displays messages containing stars, and animations are triggered when stars are sent.

To help deepen the relationship between the content creator and their fans, Facebook has added tools to respond individually or in batches to premium senders.

This feature is currently being tested with a small group of content creators, and will be rolled out more widely soon.

In-stream ads are also available to qualified game makers who create video-on-demand content.

Live breaks during a live broadcast:

Facebook continues to experiment with new ways for live game makers to earn money while interacting with the community.

The platform is testing Live Breaks, a new form of on-the-go ads for game makers on the Partner Program to earn money and keep viewers entertained while they take a short breather.

Manually triggered live breaks within 30, 90, or 150 seconds of mid-roll ad breaks that include a mix of in-play video ads and creator-provided content.

Live spacers are available to a limited number of partner game makers, and plans to offer them to more after the testing phase.

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