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Facebook helps direct group interactions

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In addition to recently added comment moderation tools and member stats for groups, Launched Facebook also has some new posting control options for group admins.

Control options allow administrators to dictate what types of posts group members can share within their groups, while also specifying shortcut link options within where the post is written.

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Group admins now have new options for managing the types of posts people can share in groups, with an option to turn different options on or off.

Administrators can now also manage the posting shortcuts displayed below the writing panel in the group. Which provides more control over the types of posts that group members can share. It helps guide this process to better manage interactions.

Tools are another way to make it easier for Facebook group admins to maintain their groups. Ensure that engagement stays on topic, and focus on the types of interactions that are best for their communities.

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Facebook simplifies group supervision:

As noted, Facebook recently added a bunch of new moderation tools for group admins. Last October, it launched the new admin assistance rules, which are automatic options for overseeing group publishing. Which aims to save time.

This is significant, because with 1.8 billion people now participating in Facebook groups every month. The time required to moderate all of these discussions goes well beyond anything Facebook itself can handle with its internal moderation teams.

As such, Facebook needs its army of volunteer group managers – About 70 million of them To continue doing what they do, in order to facilitate discussions and increase participation.

To support this, Facebook needs to provide more tools to simplify moderation like this one. While also working on various incentive programs and options to help enhance the attractiveness and opportunity for group supervision.

Sharing controls are another small step. Although functionally it may not be a new option. However, they can be very valuable in helping to manage and maintain your group’s activity.

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