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Facebook explains its ad review process

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Published Facebook Inc. This week has a new overview of its ad review system, which may help you understand any errors it may have encountered.

How to review ads across Facebook’s apps and services is a popular topic of interest among companies and people who use the platform

The new overview is a helpful explanation for those who continue to wonder why the Facebook ads review process sometimes takes so long, or why a Facebook ad was rejected.

And Facebook says: Our ad review system is designed to review all ads before they are published, and this system relies mainly on automated technology to implement our advertising policies through the millions of ads that are displayed through our applications.

She added: Although our review is largely automated, we rely on teams to build and train these systems and, in some cases, to review ads manually.

It should be noted here that your ad has almost certainly been rejected by automatic detection, not by humans.

Ideally, humans are not involved in the Facebook ads review process, and they will likely never participate unless there is a specific reason.

While ad review is usually complete within 24 hours, it may take longer, the company said, and ads may be reviewed again, including after they have been shown.

She added: Unlike the initial ad review, we rely more on teams of seasoned reviewers to process re-review requests from advertisers, but we are constantly evaluating ways to increase automation.

Accordingly, if you ask for a review, or your ad has been flagged for some reason, the human reviewers may be involved, but as Facebook notes, it is increasingly looking to automate all aspects.

Facebook also explained: When we launch a new policy, it may take time for the different parts of our application system, whether automated technology or trained global teams, to learn how to properly and consistently apply the new standard, but as we collect new data and comments, machine learning and machine application models improve. we’ve got.

In addition, Facebook notes that all ads must adhere to its advertising policies and community standards.

Accordingly, there are different steps in the Facebook ads review process, and nearly all of them rely on full automation.

And if you are frustrated by delays or rejection within the Facebook system, this overview may provide more context for what has happened or is happening internally.

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