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Facebook brings businesses to you to introduce them to you

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Are testing Facebook Inc. is a new feature that recommends posts from businesses in its users’ news feed.

The company says: The goal is to help users discover new businesses that they may not find on their own.

Facebook includes a selection of thumbnail preview posts from businesses that you don’t follow.

The thumbnails appear directly below the posts from the business pages, and are on a similar topic.

For example, a restaurant might suggest sharing flyers from other restaurants in your area, or a cosmetic brand might refer to similar companies.

The social media giant plans to initially test the feature in the US, but plans to expand that effort later.

The test comes as Facebook prepares for the arrival of the iOS 14 update, which makes it difficult for it to track users.

Facebook has warned that the changes are detrimental to small businesses that rely on their ads.

Recommending posts from companies similar to those that Facebook users follow may help give visibility to those companies without tracking ads.

This new test is an example of how easy it is for Facebook to modify its news feed in order to generate more data on its users, if needed.

The company announced the testing as part of a larger business update, and in addition to the new recommendations, it will soon add the ability to create and save Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts from the Facebook Business Suite mobile app.

Facebook said it was rolling out more tools for business owners this month, including the ability to create, publish and schedule stories across Facebook and Instagram, as well as make changes and modifications to scheduled posts, and create and manage Facebook photos and albums through Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook features were updated via advertising products focused on connecting companies with potential customers, including Lead Ads, Call Ads, and Lead Generation.

And Facebook earlier this year announced the experience of the new page that gave businesses the ability to share via the social network through the commercial account to post, comment, like and access the news feed.

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