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Facebook bets on functionality similar to Twitter’s ‘threads’

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Inspired by Twitter, Facebook may launch a new feature that is currently in the testing phase. The social network wants to give the user the possibility to create ‘threads’.

Users will now be able to insert more multimedia files as well as separate blocks of text.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra upon seeing this new feature, shared some pictures of what it looks like. Users will be able to create related publications, which will facilitate the research process for a particular topic. Even so, the user will be able to continue to edit any post separately.

Facebook has already confirmed to TechCrunch which is currently testing the feature with a small group of “public figures” on Facebook. On the social network, a public figure is a specific type of page category aimed at individuals who want to establish a more personal presence with a high level of interaction and followers on Facebook. The social network did not say whether the new feature would be tested in other categories of pages such as Business or Facebook Groups.

Facebook said that posts under discussion will have a button that reads: “View posts discussion”, which allows followers to easily navigate to see all posts on this topic.

This feature is especially useful in posts about a topic whose information is successively updated, thus avoiding the user having to write new updates in the comments. It is also a way for Facebook to deal with the serious misinformation problems it has faced in recent times, as when viewing different publications on a topic, the user is left with a certain context.

For now, no date has been released for a possible release of this feature.

Source: TechCrunch

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