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Facebook applications are no longer the most downloaded

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Since Facebook started to lead the market for applications and social networks, it has been the isolated leader in the ranking of applications with the most downloads. The Facebook application is not alone, as it is accompanied by Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, always showing a strong presence in the top 5 applications with the most downloads. But last year something rare happened in recent years.

In 2020, not only was there an application to intrude on this ranking, but it ended up topping the list. Yes, although facebook dominance remains clear, we now have a new app in the ranking of apps with the most downloads in the world in 2020. And that app is Tiktok.

Until now, Facebook held that title – unsurprisingly, as it has somehow managed to continue to grow over the years to a current accumulated net worth of over a billion. But TikTok has proven it can do a great job behind the scenes, and more recently it has been growing around the world at an unprecedented rate until it took over social media – and most of Generation Z’s spare time.


TikTok is now the most downloaded app in the world

TikTok started a new video style trend, which was adopted by several other social media apps in the last year, that is, copied.

While YouTube has also changed the way video is consumed over time, with the most popular videos currently running for about ten minutes – shorter times than traditional TV or video entertainment – ​​TikTok is on find your way to something completely new: very fast and interesting videos averaging nine to fifteen seconds (although TikTok has increased the maximum length to three minutes in July).

In the beginning, most TikToks were quick and funny clips meant to make you smile or laugh, something similar to Vine when it peaked in 2014 before falling by the wayside. TikTok is not showing signs of dying anytime soon, however, its style has expanded to include educational clips, life tricks, mini cooking tutorials and more.

The possibilities have become endless and thousands of companies have taken the opportunity to advertise their products or services, in addition to providing entertainment.

TikTok has even inspired other platforms to emulate its style after seeing its popularity boom – like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Both have been implemented as additional short video platforms alongside the main platform, which provides a refreshing alternative to the regular content that more established influencers or YouTubers are used to posting.

For a while last year, Tiktok appeared threatened by the US after Trump threatened to eradicate the US app due to an alleged national security risk. Things didn’t quite work out as Trump had hoped, and although new app downloads have been banned for a while, Biden signed a decree this year repealing all bans on both Tiktok and WeChat (another Chinese messaging app blocked by Trump) .

According to the report of the Nikkei Asia, the pandemic served to give a big boost to TikTok’s popularity, as not only were most people stuck at home with limited means of entertainment, but also because many famous artists were away.

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