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Facebook and Twitter are intensifying their war against misleading election information

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Social media platforms have stepped up their fight against disinformation about the US election, as Facebook launched a center to help users with poll-related resources, and Twitter expanded the rules against disinformation on mail-in ballots and early voting.

The move came as social media networks on the Internet were sparking criticism of what it called a lenient approach to fake news reports and disinformation campaigns, which many believe affected the 2016 presidential election results.

Twitter’s move will include coming up with new policies that “confirm accurate information on all available voting options, including: by mail and early voting.”

(Jessica Herrera Flanigan) – Twitter’s vice president for public policy in the Americas, told the agency Reuters In an e-mail: “We focus on empowering every eligible person to register and vote through new partnerships, tools and policies.”

As for Facebook, it has launched a (Voting Information Center) Voting Information Center to help users with accurate information and make it easier to find information about voting wherever they are. The company said in a blog post: It is also talking to those responsible for the wrong information surrounding the election results as an emerging threat.

Twitter said it will roll out actions on new voting tools, policies and resources next month. It is exploring how to expand its “civil integrity policies” to address wrong descriptions of mail voting and other measures. The finer details of the step are still to be finalized.

The US President (Donald Trump) has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that voting by mail is vulnerable to widespread fraud, especially as it is expected to increase significantly due to the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) COVID-19.

However, this process is not new in the United States, as nearly one in four voters cast their 2016 presidential vote in this way. Several experts said: The red tape and decentralized nature of the US elections make it extremely difficult to interfere with mail ballots.

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