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Facebook allows you to hide the number of likes

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start Facebook launched this week the option to publicly hide the likes of posts across both Facebook and Instagram.

This comes after previous tests that began in 2019.

The project, which puts the decision on likes in the hands of the company’s global user base, has been in development for years.

However, priority has been reduced due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the required response actions on Facebook’s part.

The idea of ​​hiding the number of likes was originally focused on reducing the stress over user experience.

Often times, users encountered anxiety and embarrassment about posts if they didn’t receive enough likes.

This was a tough issue for younger users who highly valued what peers thought about them.

And some users have become desirous of a more secure, disliked space to interact with friends or audiences without trying to gain popularity points.

This, in turn, has led to the emergence of a new batch of social networking and photo-sharing apps, such as: Minutiae, Vero, Dayflash, and Oggl.

And Facebook could have chosen to remove likes entirely, but it discovered that the scale was so deeply integrated into the product experience that it could not be removed entirely.

One of the key issues has been how the influencer community deals with likes that allow them to exploit their online popularity, make deals with brands and create jobs.

Rather than making a difficult decision about the future of its online community, the company decided to roll out the option as a user-controlled setting.

Hide the number of likes:

Instagram content creators and consumers can turn the number of likes across posts on or off.

This means that you can choose not to see these metrics when scrolling through the feed, and you can choose whether you allow others to see the likes of your posts.

They are configured as two different settings, providing more flexibility and control.

Facebook users access the new setting from the Settings and Privacy area within the feed settings.

There is an option to hide the number of reactions in order to turn off this setting for both yours and posts from others in your feed, groups, and pages.

The feature is available for both public and private personal accounts, and includes posts you previously posted.

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