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Facebook ads for virtual reality suffer a setback

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Facebook announced earlier this month that it is beginning to test ads within its Oculus Quest apps.

The social media giant said Resolution Games’ Blaston, along with apps from other developers, will be the first to test VR ads.

And for many Blaston fans, that wasn’t good news, leading to a flurry of negative reviews criticizing Resolution Games for its planning to test ads in a paid game.

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After the reaction, Resolution Games its decision, saying it would not be testing ads inside Blaston.

It’s clear that Facebook’s efforts to bring advertising to the billion-dollar virtual reality platform Oculus Quest is not going as planned.

“We appreciate all comments and thoughts about testing the Oculus Quest ad for Blaston and other games announced last week,” Resolution Games CEO said in a statement.

He added: “We are aware that Blaston is not suitable for this type of advertising testing. Therefore, we are no longer planning to carry out testing within Blaston.

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Facebook’s efforts suffer a setback:

Although Resolution Games will not test ads in Blaston, it does test ads in another of its games. But it is a free game rather than a paid game.

“We’re looking forward to seeing if this temporary little test can be ported to our free game Bait sometime in the future,” the company said.

“If ads in VR become as inevitable as they are on other platforms, we want to make sure we do it right when we have the opportunity to start over.”

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The company said it welcomes feedback from all players so it can find the best path forward.

And there are still some big questions about Facebook’s move to bring ads to Oculus Quest apps.

Facebook has bought a number of virtual reality studios in recent months and owns a number of the most popular Oculus Quest games within its market.

The opportunity to roll out the ad with an external partner gave Facebook an opportunity to frame the rollout as a way for other developers to monetize.

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Resolution Games’ abandonment of testing before it began is an early setback for Facebook’s VR advertising efforts.

This setback shows how skeptical Oculus Quest users are at Facebook.

The social media giant has tried to address early concerns about user data being used to deliver ads in virtual reality.

She noted that the conversations recorded by the microphone and the photos analyzed by the tracking cameras will not be used.

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