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Facebook acquiesces to Apple and launches the Facebook Gaming app without games

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On Friday, Facebook launched the new Facebook Gaming app on the App Store, six months after trying to convince Apple to agree to it.

Facebook said today: It has responded to Apple’s demands to change its gaming app so that it can be distributed to users of iPhone smartphones and iPads starting Friday. And for compliance Apple rules, Which bans applications if its “main goal” is to distribute programs such as games, the social network said: it has completely removed playable games from its new application.

Facebook said: Apple used its power over the App Store to force it to transform the Facebook Gaming app into a lower experience for iPhone and iPad owners. In addition to the playable games, the original version of the app allows users to watch, live broadcast, and participate in gaming communities.

The frustration with Apple at Facebook has reached the highest levels, as the company’s chief operating officer (Sherrill Sandberg) said in a statement: “Unfortunately, we had to completely remove the gaming functions in order to get Apple’s approval of the independent Facebook Gaming app.” She added that Facebook will continue to build communities for those who play games on Facebook “whether or not Apple allows it in a separate application.”

Games are Apple’s largest source of revenue in the App Store, and several technology executives have concluded that Apple is banning gaming services that could compete with its products and sales.

Apple said; Without directly touching on the Facebook Gaming app: Its app store policies are designed to protect consumers. It added that it allowed other apps that included games on the App Store.

It is believed that the debate between Silicon Valley companies reveals the extent of the competition between them, as while Facebook runs the largest social network in the world, and owns many popular applications, such as: Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Apple controls its distribution through its application store. This makes Facebook dependent on Apple to reach its many users.

And (Mark Zuckerberg) – CEO of Facebook – expressed his panic about the power possessed by Apple, albeit indirectly. In testimony to Congress last week about competing with Facebook, Zuckerberg said: “Some of them are beginners, but some are guards with the ability to decide whether we can even launch our apps in their app stores to compete with them.”

And last June, the European Commission – the executive body of the European Union: It had opened an official antitrust investigation into the terms of the Apple App Store, prompted by a complaint about the music-streaming service (Spotify). There has also been a quarrel between Apple and other app developers over the App Store rules.

And some companies that have game applications are moving away from the Apple application store, saying: Apple will not simply approve its applications because it will compete with its applications and services. And on last Wednesday, For example, Microsoft has completed a limited test of the xCloud game streaming app for Apple devices, however, it plans to introduce the app on Android devices starting next month.

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