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Exclusive Apple functionality reaches other devices

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It’s official, the application until now known as Find My iPhone now works with non-Apple devices, and it changed its name to Find My. The company is expanding the operation of its application Find My to devices from other brands.

Some of the first products that will take advantage of this new feature are the Belkin Soundform earphones and the Chipolo One Spot tracking device. So and starting as early as next week these products will be able to work with the Apple application.

As soon as they arrive at the stores, they will have an information label that says “Works with Apple Find My ”. With this, customers will come to know that these are devices that are compatible with the Apple application. We can then find them in the tab “Items” within the application Find My.

Exclusive Apple functionality reaches other devices

When we are tracking a compatible accessory, we have access to the map in order to know its location precisely. There is also an option to give the device an indication to emit a sound in order to make it easier for the user to find the same.

Additionally we also have the mode Lost, which allows us to connect the device to our Apple ID and prevent someone else from being able to pair with your account.

The company announced that it would open its application Find My to accessories from other manufacturers at its WWDC 2020 event. But the end of the year has come and we have not seen any changes in this regard. So, it was during this week that Apple finally published a certification document on the App Store.

O software allows MFI licenses (Made for iPhone) to test your networked devices, and simultaneously submit the information collected for Apple to carry out its certification. THE

The brand also published a draft document regarding a specification that allows devices to take advantage of UWB technology (Ultra-Wideband) present on the latest iPhones. Apple says UWB technology allows companies to create more accurate and immersive experiences within the application Find My.

Source: Engadget

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