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Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

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Open world games like the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games are quite popular on PC and consoles, with some of those titles also making their way to smartphones. We spent our childhood playing spectacular world games like Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas and GTA 4. The latest Grant Theft Auto 5 was launched in 2013 and is the best-selling game of all time for PC and game consoles, being that there is also an online version, GTA Online.

However, Grand Theft Auto 5 is not available for smartphones, although smartphone processors are more powerful than ever, despite excellent alternatives to GTA Online. Still, if you are a diehard GTA 5 fan and would like to have a similar experience on your smartphone, here is a list of some of the games similar to GTA 5 that you can play on your smartphone.

Here are some of the open world games that are quite similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 and provide a similar experience on your smartphone.

1. PayBack 2- The Battle Sandbox

Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

In terms of open world map features and missions, Payback 2 is quite similar to GTA 5, but when it comes to its storyline, it is quite different. In Payback 2, you will experience many shootings, gang violence, etc. It is even possible to play online and there are many weekly missions and challenges that will earn you some extra points.

However, its graphics are not as good as we see in GTA 5. Still, Payback 2 is the closest you can get to GTA 5.

You can download Payback 2 The Battle Sandbox to Android and iOS.

2. Go To Town 5

1619390599 685 Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

If you look only at the first lyrics of Go To Town 5, you will see that it looks a bit like GTA 5. But that is not the reason why we put it here. GTT 5 is a bit like the GTA San Andreas version that allows you to drive around the city, fly in helicopters, swim in the ocean full of fish and do some random fun things you could do in Grant Theft Auto.

In addition, it also comes with colorful graphics that will surprise you. If you find it difficult to drive in the game, don’t be alarmed. Keep playing and you will see that, over time, you will present and enjoy the game much more.

You can download Go To Town 5 to Android | iOS.

3. Gangster Vegas

1619390600 374 Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

There are many similarities between Gangster Vegas and GTA in terms of graphics and features. The Gangster Vegas storyline entails a boxer who has to survive the onslaught of a mafia boss. If you are looking for colorful graphics with a good storyline, this one will certainly find you and get very close to GTA 5 on your smartphone.

Gangster Vegas is a free worldwide game and very similar to the Grand Theft Auto experience, there are missions that need to be completed to help you earn money and experience points and it will be very interesting.

You can download Gangster Vegas to Android | iOS.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

But is this the GTA? Yes it is. Both come from Rockstar Games studios. This is an open world game and you can use the top-down view feature to visit different parts of the world.

If caught, you can escape the eyes of the police and complete various missions to earn money. In addition, there are so many weapons available in the game that will help you defend yourself, as this is not the only GTA that is available in the mobile world, but it is one of the best and most recent.

You can download Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to Android | iOS.

5. MadOut 2 BigCityOnline

1619390601 341 Excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android

This game is about committing crimes and in MadOut 2 BigCityOnline, the player is free to do whatever he wants. You have access to more than 30 cars in the game and can engage in enough missions to improve your skills.

There is no limit to committing crimes and you can destroy as many cars as you want. In addition, you can recruit 100 other players online to do your dirty work or accompany you through the process. The graphics are also great to keep you engaged, and you can explore the entire city in the game.

You can download MadOut 2 BigCityOnline on your Android and iOS.

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