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European Union investigates Google’s imposition on manufacturers

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Google is being subjected to yet another scrutiny by the European Commission. This time, the company is being questioned due to bad practices with the Android voice assistant.

On Thursday, Sam Wilkin, editor-in-chief of the MLex news service, tweeted that the tech giant is under investigation over the possibility of forcing device makers to use the Google Assistant as default voice assistant on Android devices. Google has not yet officially spoken out on this issue.

To the news site insider, a Google spokesman noted that: “Android offers more options than any other mobile platform. Manufacturers can choose which voice assistants they want to install on their devices and users can also choose which voice assistants to use and install.” The EU Commission declined to comment on these statements.


The Google Assistant app, which equates to Siri on the iPhone, has been the default app on most new Android devices since 2017. The assistant, which integrates Artificial Intelligence technology, was launched for the first time in 2016. users to schedule meetings, answer basic questions or initiate calls, among others.

Meanwhile, IoT providers in the European Union have expressed their displeasure due to competition from Amazon, Apple and Google. Concern was also expressed about the way voice assistants collect data from people. “In the EU, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are the main voice assistants”, said Margrethe Vestegar, European commissioner, adding that she is concerned about the default settings of these assistants.

In recent years, Google has been fined by the European Commission several times. This time, if the tech giant is proven guilty, it could face a fine for abuse of dominant position.

Source: Business Insider

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