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Europe warns Apple against using privacy to limit competition

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Europe chief technology officer Margrethe Vestager has warned iPhone maker Apple against using privacy and security concerns to stave off competition across its App Store, reasons CEO Tim Cook has given for not allowing users to install software from outside the App Store.

Vestager, who is also the executive vice president of the European Commission, last year proposed rules called the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that would force Apple to open the App Store so that users could download apps from the Internet or from third-party app stores in an effort to know As sideloading.

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Speaking at an event last month, Cook said the proposal was destroying the security and privacy of iPhones. Vestager said she shared Cook’s security concerns.

Vestager said agency Reuters: I think privacy and security are of paramount importance to everyone. But it is also important not to use them as a shield against the competition, because I believe that customers will not give up security or privacy if they use another app store or if they sideload.

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Europe warns Apple

Vestager has indicated she is open to changes in her proposal, which needs input from EU countries and EU legislators before it becomes law. “I think it’s possible to find solutions for that,” she said.

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Vestager also clarified that Apple’s privacy changes were not currently monitored. This is in contrast to Google’s plan to block a popular web tracking tool called cookies that formed part of its investigation into Alphabet’s digital advertising business last month.

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Apple rolled out an iOS update in April with new privacy controls. These elements are designed to limit the ability of digital advertisers to track iPhone users.

“I think it’s good that providers give us the service that we can easily set our preferences if we want to track them outside of app use or not as long as it’s the same for everyone,” Vestager said. And we still have no reason to believe that this is not the case for Apple.

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