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Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Review: Review

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Eufy, a brand known for exceptional robot vacuums like the RoboVac 30C, has now developed a robot vacuum that sweeps and scrubs hard floors: the RoboVac G10 Hybrid. It is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants via the EufyHome app (for Android and iOS).

Eufy’s RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a vacuum specially developed for sweeping and scrubbing hard floors, but it is better suited for light everyday cleaning. Note that all these features are available at a very competitive price., when compared to the competition.

For those who have carpets and rugs at home, and are very fond of these pieces on the floor, the G10 is not a perfect option. However, for those who like a bare and bare floor, you will certainly like the characteristics of this robot vacuum that we are going to analyze.


Design and structure

The G10 Hybrid has a sleek look. Its gloss black/white tempered glass finish keeps it scratch-free, which is especially useful if you have pets. Although the G10 is a little heavy – it weighs 2.5 kg – it is very low (7.2 cm), thus allowing it to easily vacuum under sofas, beds and other areas that are often difficult to clean.

The low height of this vacuum limits the dust container size to just 0.5 L, which fits into the base of the G10. This little dust accumulation capacity means that the user has to empty the contents every 2/3 uses of the robot. Unfortunately, the EufyHome application that runs the G10 doesn’t provide an update of the tank’s capacity status, so you’ll have to check this manually.

For mopping floors we have a separate water tank attachment that fits under the dust tank. The cleaning tank has a removable towel that is attached with Velcro (this is what cleans the floor). It is possible to wash it in the washing machine whenever necessary.



The main question is: how well does RoboVac G10 clean? The answer is: not bad. For many, the vacuum cleaner may have a high price, but when we look at the competition, namely from the main brand in the market, we realize that it is a fair price and that we don’t have to pay fortunes to have a quality cleaning robot. There’s no denying that this cuts down on the time you would spend manually sweeping and mopping the floor. Basically, we pay this amount just because of that.

The G10 offers two suction forces: standard and max (maximum). The ‘Max’ option provides a more thorough cleaning, but this makes the vacuuming and cleaning work noisier, which shouldn’t matter if you leave it vacuuming when you leave the house or are working.

Hard floors are the G10’s strength. This robot is especially designed for hard floors, although Eufy doesn’t really explain why. On the company’s website it says that “we designed this RoboVac to only specialize in cleaning hard floors”, without adding the reason for doing so. That said, this robot easily vacuums up dust and debris. The two rotating brushes at the front collect the crumbs and dust and drive them towards the suction point.


Yes, the G10 is for hard floors only, but most homes and apartments will have rugs and/or carpets. This robot vacuum is not smart enough to detect and avoid a carpet, so it will continue to clean over it anyway. The problem will be if you have carpets that are too thick, it will hinder cleaning.

Connectivity and battery

To use G10, you need to install EufyHome application. It is easy to connect the vacuum to the application. The RoboVac G10 has excellent battery life, which you can track in-app. Never stop in the middle of a cleanup.

The EufyHome application allows the user to control the cleaning intensity, enable local cleaning, schedule and locate the device if it is dragged under the sofa or bed. It also informs you of the condition of various components, such as the brushes and battery, so you can replace or charge as needed.

The application connects the G10 to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. But this feature is not even necessary, as it only takes 1 second to turn on the robot vacuum from your smartphone.


Verdict: RoboVac G10 Hybrid

Eufy’s RoboVac G10 vacuum is good for basic cleaning of your home on a daily basis – although the company does not recommend using the floor mopping function without supervision. Scheduling features allow you to turn on the vacuum when you’re out and about, which means you’ll find it very clean when you get home.

The G10 takes time to clean but the robot vacuum’s efforts will certainly reduce manual cleaning. With intelligent connectivity options, RoboVac G10 can become another smartgadget in your home, with the help of the EufyHome application.

O RoboVac G10 is on sale for R$1999 or €269 on Amazon Spain, being a quality product and fulfilling what it proposes, so it is an excellent option. It is true that there is competition with a much higher price, but the price that Eufy asks is a fair and equivalent price and other similar products on the market.

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