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EU/Presidency: Declaration on digital rights is “kick start” for future international charter

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The Secretary of State for the Digital Transition announced the signing of the Lisbon Declaration on digital rights, which he called the “kick start” for a future charter of fundamental rights in the digital age.

The declaration, entitled “Digital Democracy with a Purpose”, aims to “feed the discussion around digital rights”, stressed André de Aragão Azevedo to Lusa news agency.

Pointing out that this is an area in which Portugal was “pioneer”, with the approval in Parliament, in April, of the first charter of fundamental rights in the digital age, however already promulgated by the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretary of State affirmed the will to “ kick-start” for a future document at international level.

Human Rights Charter - Digital

According to André de Aragão Azevedo, this declaration reinforces “the European economic model based on the so-called “European Way of Doing Business”, above all through the promotion of “trusted partnerships with other countries and continents that share the same principles and values” as Europe. The official pointed out that the declaration is not intended to be “just another document signed by governments”, but a declaration “open to the adhesion and contributions of private sector companies, non-governmental organizations [ONG], from universities, in essence, from civil society as a whole”.

The Lisbon Declaration received the support of “all Member States” and is based on the communication “Digital Compass 2030: the European Road to the Digital Decade”, presented by the European Commission in March, and in the “Berlin Declaration on Digital Society and Value-Based Digital Governance”, launched by the German EU Council presidency in December 2020.

Thus, the 27 reaffirm their commitment to the Berlin Declaration, arguing that new technologies, data flows, infrastructures, digital products and services and the use of personal data must “be in line with international law and guarantee full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

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