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Epic vs. Apple Trial: Testimony by Tim Cook was very revealing

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Case to say that the Epic vs. Trial Apple was shut down by Tim’s. On the one hand, Epic Games listed its CEO, Tim Sweeney, as the first witness, almost three weeks ago, and in turn, Apple, however, called another Tim, this time Tim Cook as his last witness to testify. , before both sides presented the final allegations to a judge on Monday.

Cook would be responsible for defending Apple and its ecosystem. In effect, he did so by exposing Apple’s noblest principles, but also its precise financial calculations.

The despicable face to face Epic vs. Apple encompasses two distinct issues: Whether the in-app purchase market within the Apple Store is unfairly monopolistic, and whether iOS itself is a monopoly that should be open to third-party stores and parallel applications.

Cook addressed both issues with an appeal to user security and privacy. “Privacy, from our point of view, is one of the most important issues of the century, and its protection is the foundation on which privacy is built,” he explained to an Apple lawyer, calling out numerous advertising campaigns from Apple. iPhone. “Technology has the ability to suck up all kinds of people’s data and we like to provide people with tools to get around it.”

Epic vs Apple Trial Testimony by Tim Cook was very

“Technology has the capacity to suck up all types of data”

Support for side-loaded apps would remake iOS, and it’s much easier for Cook and Apple to address potential disadvantages. Giving users control creates risks, and Cook argued that people choose iOS especially so they don’t have to make risky decisions about sensitive data. “We are trying to offer the customer an integrated solution for hardware, software and services,” he said. “I just don’t think you replicate that to a third party.”

Epic has put together its own arguments: people can still choose to keep their phones locked and may want to access stores with even more carefully selected apps or even better privacy controls. He previously accused Apple of hypocrisy, pointing out anecdotal flaws in capturing specific applications (such as a game called Ganja Farmer: Weed Empire) that violate the App Store guidelines.

“It is not 100% secure. It `s not perfect. You’ll find mistakes being made, ”Cook admitted when Apple’s board asked about these incidents. “But if you go back and look at the scheme of things, with about 1.8 million apps in the store, we do a really good job,” he concluded.

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Fortunately for Apple, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers did not show much interest in getting completely clear about iOS. She asked a series of constant questions about in-app purchases, anti-steering proviosions and the structure of individual apps like Roblox, but rarely about distributing third-party apps or sideload. (one of those rare incidents that also seemed critical for Epic) Although Rogers’ questions do not necessarily indicate how she will decide, there is a very evident lack of requests for more details or clarifications.

“IAP helps Apple to collect a commission efficiently”

Losing in-app purchase commissions would still be a major blow to Apple. Cook used more privacy and security information to defend that system, saying it would be unsafe and inconvenient to allow applications to process payments separately. He was also, however, a little more direct about Apple’s own interests. “IAP helps Apple efficiently charge a commission” for payment processing, but also for customer service and the use of intellectual property by Apple.

Without in-app purchases, “we would have to create another system to bill developers, which I think would be a mess.”

If Apple let developers inform users about other payment methods, Cook said later, “In essence, we would give up our return on our IP entirely.”

Apple called an expert to describe how its multi-billion dollar research and development costs help developers, including through APIs like Metal and coreML.

It is not necessarily strange that Apple profits from these investments, but unlike the best privacy and security features, higher profit margins do not directly improve consumer well-being.

Source: Theverge

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