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Epic Games pits Fortnite players against Apple

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Epic Games announced this week that it will host the Competition On August 23 in an effort to rally Fortnite players over its battle with Apple.

During a cup (FreeFortnite), Players will be able to compete to win the Free Fortnite hat, phones, platforms, and computers that run Fortnite and the Tart Tycoon outfit that is widely seen as against Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

The two companies are fighting over the App Store’s payment system, under which Apple collects a fee of 30 percent of revenue from in-app purchases, and Epic Games believes this percentage is not fair.

And the battle began when (Epic Games) released a new direct payment option within the Fortnite app for Apple devices, and the option was designed to bypass the payment system in the app store.

Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the (App Store), and lifted (Epic Games) Lawsuit Hours later, it also launched a public relations campaign to rally Fortnite players that included an in-game event mocking Apple’s popular 1984 commercial.

(Epic Games) said: Apple granted it until August 28 before it removed the (Epic Games) developer accounts, and if that happened, Epic Games would not be able to develop applications for the App Store.

While Apple said: The problem that (Epic Games) caused itself is a problem that can be easily addressed if they send an update for their application that returns it to comply with the guidelines they have agreed to and that apply to all developers.

“We will not exclude (Epic Games) because we do not believe it is right to present their commercial interests on the guidelines that protect our customers.”

Fortnite is preparing to launch the new season of the game on August 27 for users on non-iOS devices, and Apple users will not be able, at this time, to play the next season.

Apple claimed that the CEO of (Epic Games) asked it for a side agreement to establish its own games store inside the Apple App Store, an agreement that the latter said would have overturned the commission-based business model in the store.

Came Detection In a court file, in which Apple asked a federal judge in California to deny Epic Games’ request to keep the game in the App Store.

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