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Epic Games and Sketchfab together to make 3D, AR and VR content more accessible

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By all accounts, Epic Games is determined to give developers everything they need to produce games on the Unreal Engine without having to search for parts elsewhere. The company bought Sketchfab, a 3D asset platform.

“By joining forces, Epic and Sketchfab will be able to make 3D, AR and VR content more accessible and enhance the creator ecosystem, which is essential for an open and interconnected Metaverse,” Epic wrote in a blog. “Sketchfab will continue to operate as an independent branded service while collaborating closely with the Unreal Engine team.”

Sketchfab hosts over 4 million 3D assets. Users can edit, buy and sell content on the platform. Epic has reduced Sketchfab store fees to 12% (which corresponds to the Epic Games Store cut) so that people who create 3D assets receive a larger share of sales revenue.

Epic Games and Sketchfab together to make 3D AR and

Epic also says it will maintain Sketchfab’s integrations with the 3D authoring and publishing platforms. The assets will still work elsewhere, including on rival game engines like Unity.

The Sketchfab Plus plan – which allows users to upload more assets with larger file sizes – is now free for everyone. Existing Plus subscribers are moving to the Pro plan at no extra cost, and Sketchfab is increasing the monthly upload limit at the Pro level from 30 to 50.

Following the Sketchfab deal follows the acquisition of ArtStation by Epic, a hub where CGI and game-focused artists can host their portfolios and sell work. Epic also reduced rates in that market from 30% to 12%.

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