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Enjoy up to 28% off Geekbuying on a selection of products

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Taking advantage of the Easter period, Geekbuying is offering discounts on a wide selection of products for all types of customers, from those who spend more time at the computer, to those where television is more their thing or even for those who need some tool for the home. Even though we are already running out of steam, you still need to maintain a certain rigor, so many of these products can help you stay busy.

The most affordable prices are usually achieved with the Geekbuying – one of the best online stores, which not only imports products from China, but sends them directly to our home, and already has several partner warehouses, European. Deliveries are even relatively quick so you won’t have to wait long before you can try the products you buy.

As has always been the case, the More Technology brings you some of the best products at the best price. Additionally, associated with these products, there are often exclusive coupons that allow even more affordable prices for those interested. The products we mentioned today, get an extra discount of up to 17 € on the final purchase, which translates into a discount of about 28% compared to the price shown.

<< Adquira o aspirador de mão MOOSOO D600 por 46,74€ >>>

Enjoy up to 28 off Geekbuying on a selection of

This vacuum cleaner can be found for € 67.99, however, Geekbuying has a immediate discount of 28% which lowers the price up to € 49.29. However, if you use the coupon “MOOSOOD600”You can lower another € 2.55 to the final price, starting to pay a € 46.74 total – something impressive, isn’t it? We are talking about a vacuum cleaner with a very satisfactory quality at a bargain price.

O MOOSOO D600 has a suction power of 17 (thousand) pascals, which makes it perfect for marble, tile and even wooden floors. Since it has a three-stage filtration system and its high suction power, it is perfect for collecting almost all types of debris – from sand, crumbs or even hair (from your pets, for example). The cylindrical and HEPA filters (both washable) are part of this filtration system.

Extremely versatile, this handheld vacuum allows you to include a brush with the ability to turn on itself to reach the most inhospitable places in your home, in order to leave everything “clean and shining”. In conjunction with this brush, you can use the adjustable suction tube (from 45.72 to 76.2 cm) so that it can reach all surfaces without damaging your spine.

<< Adquira o H96 MAX H616 TV Box Android 10 por 28,89€ >>>

1617709975 305 Enjoy up to 28 off Geekbuying on a selection of

Looking for a TV Box to have some of your favorite streaming apps on your television? This may be a solution to consider for a more affordable price. This box with Android 10, H96 MAX H616 can be found for € 39.09, but with the immediate 20% store discount, it is now € 31.44. However, if you use the coupon “5NTLRGGZ”Manages to lower the price by € 2.55 in order to pay just € 28.89.

Did the price please? The specs are also likely to cause the same feeling. Starting with processor, which has the availability of four logical cores, Cortex A53 Allwinner H616, in line with a GPU G31 MP2. In addition, it also has 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 GB eMMC in internal storage (expandable to 32 GB).

Finally, in terms of connectivity, this device features Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 5.0, HDMI 2.0 and a 100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45) input so that you can make the most of a cinematic experience at a very affordable price. Of course, we are not talking about the best in the segment, but there is nothing left behind, given the technical skills it has.

<< Adquira o Tronsmart Shadow 2,4 GHz Wireless Headset por 42,49€ >>>

1617709976 767 Enjoy up to 28 off Geekbuying on a selection of

These headphones, ideas for games, are available for € 59.49 – which is an acceptable price for the model in question – however, without immediate discount, so Geekbuying offers a discount of € 17 with the coupon “GKBTSES14“, Which translates into a cut of 28% compared to the original price, having a value much friendlier than € 42.49.

You Tronsmart Shadow allow, besides a good sound quality, an interesting autonomy (brand data), because with 1000 mAh it achieves 12 hours of continuous consumption, this also because it offers an impedance of 32Ω, which causes the battery consumption to be higher to offer the same sound quality as one with less resistance (or impedance). Each charging cycle effect on 3 hours to be able to enjoy more than 12 hours of music or audio from the game.

And that’s it, these are just some of the opportunities that we highlight from the new wave of promotions from Geekbuying available for those looking for new products in Easter season, some for returning to normality, others for more playful activities, but always at lower prices.

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