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Enjoy the promotion of the new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in Brazil

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The company HUAWEI has been increasingly betting on the headphones market. We have been seeing more and more brand innovations in wearables, with a strong commitment from the brand with excellent products of great quality. Very recently launched the watch HUAWEI Watch 3 and its new FreeBuds 4 that came to replace the ‘old’ but very interesting FreeBuds 3 from 2019.

HUAWEI is increasingly moving up in the wireless market, offering more affordable headphones for everyone with enviable style and sound. The HUAWEI Freebuds 4 may not be the best wireless headphones, but they are without a doubt the best noise canceling headphones.

Compared to Freebuds 3, Freebuds 4 has improved in several respects. Firstly, HUAWEI switched from Active Noise Canceling to Adaptive Ear Matching (AEM) Noise Canceling, which automatically detects the ear shape to intelligently block sounds, which guarantees a lot of improvement in this aspect.

Enjoy the promotion of the new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in

The sound performance of HUAWEI Freebuds 4 is very good. At normal volumes, it’s balanced with relatively vigorous bass and crisp highs. The low end is not as strong as desired.

Adaptive Ear Matching noise canceling technology automatically detects the shape of the ear canal and the fit of the headphones to customize the sound in the user’s ear.

Visually, Freebuds 4 is truly spectacular in shape. It has a lower stem and can be classified as an “open design” type due to the absence of silicone. This also helps in the hygiene of the product, as it is not inserted into the inner ear.

Each earphone weighs approximately 4.1 grams, which is lighter compared to its predecessors. The charging base has also become more compact. In other words, the user can take it anywhere. The headphones have touch-sensitive parts, which allow for a number of functions. Just tap, press, or swipe to do what you want, and the big news is this dusky silver color.

Enjoy the promotion of the new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in

The 14.3mm dynamic drivers are always able to offer a very rich sound quality, with a volume that is quite high for the reality of the product. As they are based on an open design the sound quality is very good.

The large 14.3mm LCP dynamic driver inside each earpiece is what helps the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 achieve its extraordinary sound quality. With a frequency range of up to 40 kHz, it allows the user to be able to listen to all kinds of music.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 allows the user to control their music or answer calls through simple and intuitive gesture controls that can be used on any of the headphones.

1627312953 572 Enjoy the promotion of the new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in

The new FreeBuds are equipped with a battery that easily reaches 2.5 hours of autonomy with ANC turned on, and they can offer up to 4 hours without ANC. Including the charging box, they can be connected between 14 hours and 22 hours. On top of this, we also have access to fast charging, which in turn is capable of providing 2.5 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 allows you to connect the headphones to a phone, tablet or PC via an automatic pairing prompt. The Audio Connection Center 6 in the HUAWEI AI Life app allows the user to manage all devices paired with the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in one easy-to-use screen.

1627312953 274 Enjoy the promotion of the new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 in

In a promotional phase for Brazil, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 will be available for an excellent price of R$777, and you can still use the some coupons to get an additional discount, and in terms of postage you don’t have to worry that they are totally free.

And you have to enjoy it and be quick, since the The first 200 customers to buy the headset will also be offered the HUAWEI Band 4e or the HUAWEI Band 6.

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