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Engineers built robot capable of forecasting

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We live in an era in which robotics and artificial intelligence are already part of our lives at different levels, despite the great evolution and development that still lie ahead.

A great factor that makes up this evolution already mentioned is empathy and personality, since it is something so desired due to the Pop culture of the second half of the last century and even today. Today humanity is slowly but steadily moving towards the dream of conscious artificial intelligence.

Recently, an American research group, belonging to Columbia University laboratories, built the prototype of a robot with a basic empathy system, or at least a system that tries to simulate empathy. What this system does in reality is to predict the intentions of another robot, since the first robot has the ability to put itself essentially in the place of the one that will be predicted.

Engineers built robot capable of forecasting

Columbia University scientists placed small green circles on a table and a small robot programmed to move into one of these circles whenever they saw them. However, also a red box that covered the line of sight of this robot in relation to certain circles so that they were not all spotted at the same time by the robot. A trough with a second robot (the prototype capable of predicting actions) was also mounted over the table.

During the next two hours, the prototype observed and recorded the movements of its “colleague”. After this period, he started to predict the robot’s movements on the table, correctly predicting 98 out of 100 movements.

Despite a very simple setup, this test shows quite impressive results and the spirit of the entire research team was shared by the person in charge, Boyuan Chen.

As already described, this was a simple test. But it is a big step towards the development of AI and demonstrates a successful “fusion” attempt between machine and human behavior, which shows itself as another step towards obtaining machines with personalities.

Source: Engadget

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