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Elon Musk’s Underground Transportation System is Florida Approved

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Boring Company, of Elon Musk, announced that a proposal has been accepted “to build an underground transport system between downtown and the beach” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to Dean Trantalis, American politician and representative of Florida referred that this project is “an innovative and unprecedented approach to deal with the problem of local traffic”.

Boring Company describes the project, dubbed Las Olas Loop, like “an all-electric high-speed underground public transport system, without polluting emissions, in which passengers are transported to their destination quickly”.

For now, only the project has been approved, that is, it does not mean that the tunnel will be built. For now, 45 days will have to elapse before potential competitors can present their projects.

Elon Musks Underground Transportation System is Florida Approved

The Boring Company said the new system could transport up to 50,000 passengers an hour, as Musk wants to solve major traffic problems in cities.

This is the fourth tunnel built by The Boring Company: two in Las Vegas and one in California. Projects have already been planned in Chicago, Miami, whose value is around 30 million dollars, and Washington, however, they were not approved.

Elon Musk on the Miami Tunnel wrote on Twitter: “Cars and lorries stuck in traffic release tons of toxic gases and particles, The Boring Company’s Miami road tunnels would solve the traffic and be an example to the world.”

Not many details about the construction of this tunnel have yet been released, namely with regard to values ​​and its length.

According to Fort Lauderdale state policy, details cannot be released until at least the next phase of the project.

Source: The Verge

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