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Elon Musk has already indicated a possible date for the Tesla Roadster

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the next Tesla Roadster “should be released in 2023” in a tweet published this Wednesday. Once again he blamed the continuing shortages in the supply chain for the long timeline. “This year 2021 was the year of overcrowded supply chain shortages, so it wouldn’t matter if we had 17 new products as none would be shipped,” Musk said.

Elon Musk announced the second generation $200,000 Roadster at an event in November 2017, promising that the base model could go from 0 to 60 in an incredible 1.9 seconds. He also said the Roadster would have a 200kWh battery and a range of approximately 620 miles per charge.

At the time, production was slated to start in 2020, but in January, Musk said production wouldn’t start until 2022. The constant delays can hurt for people who have already deposited their car. Tesla is receiving $50,000 in deposits for the base model and $250,000 in deposits for the higher-end model in the Founders Series.

The new roadster must be one of the most powerful sports cars ever. With its three-engine power train and a high-performance battery system. Tesla also wants to set new standards in terms of reach. Tesla’s boss later added that the advertised model was just the basic version. Thus, even more powerful versions are planned, including thrusters from the space company SpaceX founded by Musk.

Tesla has already adjusted to the global chip shortage by replacing alternative chips in its cars and rewriting its software to support it, Musk said in a July earnings statement. But it seems there are still some hurdles to overcome before it is possible to launch the promising new Roadster. And it’s not just the Roadster that is left out, the production of the Tesla Cybertruck was also postponed to 2022.

Source: Electrek

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