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Electronic Arts copies Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami: FIFA 23 will also be free

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It may be surprising, but only if you are not aware of recent movements in the gaming world, and of course, looking at football simulators and FIFA’s main rival, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Konami took a step of genius and announced that in addition to the name change, the game will be renamed eFootball, it will also be offered in an entirely new format: free-to-play. Yes, the successor to PES 2020 will be free for those who want to have fun, and then there will be some paid modes within the game, as we already know that producers also have to earn money. And this decision also seems to please Electronic Arts.

The information is advanced by Donk, a Twitter account that has an excellent hit rate when we talk about FIFA games, which makes this disclosed information very taken into account. Thus, Electronic Arts would welcome this new Konami strategy and will follow it next year, and it won’t be the only new feature of FIFA 2023.

According to Donk, in addition to FIFA 203 being free, Electronic Arts will also introduce Cross-playing, which will allow players from other platforms to play against each other, which is good news as it will allow a Playstation 5 player to play against your Xbox Series X friend, or your computer (and maybe even your smartphone).

It is true that this information must always be viewed with some suspicion, as FIFA 2022 has just been announced and is not even available, so its successor still has a long way to go before it reached the market, but taking into account Konami’s strategy, we were not surprised. But it won’t just be to rival eFootball.

In fact, the Ultimate Team mode is already the mode that gives the producer more money in FIFA, and not the values ​​that are around 70 to 80€ per game, as this value is shared with various entities, such as resellers and console manufacturers .

For now, let’s think about FIFA 22, which is just a little away before we can play.

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