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Electronic Arts: Battlefield 2042 Producer, EDICE LA, Now Ripple Effect

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Battlefield 2042 co-developer DICE LA is now Ripple Effect and is developing something new, an unannounced project under the supervision of Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella. This will be a mysterious mode for Battlefield 2042, developed by now Ripple Effect Studios, an unannounced project of its own.

The new name makes a lot of sense, not in the way it officially means “even the smallest idea can change the world” (“even the smallest idea can change the world”), but because Ripple Effect as a studio had a wavelike character, changing from form, splitting and temporarily disappearing below the surface before reappearing.

Its history dates back to 1995, when DreamWorks Interactive was formed. Among other games, DreamWorks Interactive produced the first Medal of Honor, which EA published before buying the studio and renaming it EA Los Angeles. Like EA Los Angeles, the developer made Clive Barker’s The Immortals, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, a few games from the Command & Conquer series (EA closed Westwood in 2003 and consolidated what was left of it at EA LA), and more Medal of Honor games and expansions.

Electronic Arts Battlefield 2042 Producer EDICE LA Now Ripple EffectIn 2010, EA LA was renamed Danger Close Games and dedicated itself exclusively to restarting the Medal of Honor series, not working as well as expected, and Danger Close was closed after the release of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

The DreamWorks Interactive / EA Los Angeles / Danger Close story could end there, but it wouldn’t be the full story. His lineage continued when some of Danger Close’s senior managers formed DICE LA in 2013. Christian Grass, one of the development directors on Medal of Honor reboots, was one of those who took the leap, and became CEO of DICE LA , and will continue to lead the studio now that it’s called the ‘Ripple Effect’.

Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella also played a lead role, and began overseeing DICE LA in January 2020.

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The name change and the unannounced game design were expected developments, as Zampella said they would happen in 2020, and represent a big pivot for the studio. When DICE LA was founded, the studio director at the time told IGN that it was “an extra floor in Stockholm, conveniently located in Los Angeles” – a part of DICE, not his own project. Now Grass says the studio has developed its “own way of doing things” and plans to grow while establishing its own identity.

We don’t know anything about the unannounced game Ripple Effect is working on, but we’ve heard a bit about its secret Battlefield 2042 mode. EA describes it as a “love letter” to fans of the Battlefield series, and will be unveiled on EA Play Live on July 22nd. According to a rumor, it’s a sandbox mode with maps, weapons and vehicles from throughout Battlefield history. Meanwhile Grass and Zampella appeared on an EA live stream called The Future of FPS last Thursday, July 8th, during which they gave “tips” about Ripple Effect’s Battlefield 2042 mode on EA’s Twitch channel.

Source: pcgamer

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