Edit PDF files for computer, Android and iPhone

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It has become easy to modify PDF files for the computer, Android, and iPhone, through either programs that you can download to the computer or you can upload the files to one of the sites that help you do this and that method works, whether with the computer, Android or iPhone, and these sites or programs help you to edit And adding text, as well as changing pictures, adding your own graphics, signing your name, filling in forms and many other features, which we will learn about below.

It is considered one of the great sites that help you in editing PDF files for computer, Android and iPhone.It helps you edit text in the PDF without adding a watermark and it allows you to upload the file or download Sejda desktop version for use away from the browser

The desktop version supports more types of fonts and does not allow you to add PDF files by URL or from online storage services as does the online editor that supports Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, and the program is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac.

The program allows you to add a signature as well as add hyperlinks, and supports removing a page and does not edit a file size of more than 50 MB.

One of the most popular websites used to edit PDF files for the computer, Android and iPhone, and unlike using it through the browser it supports a desktop version to work without an Internet connection, it helps all users to edit and modify PDF files especially for beginners.

And it contains 25 languages ​​so that it is easy to deal with and helps you add images to files. You can convert any format, whether word, excel, power point and many more to PDF files, or convert files in pdf format to another format.

It also helps you to paste and separate file pages and number them, as well as repair damaged files, add a watermark, and many other features.

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Another great site that helps you edit pdf files for free as long as the PDF file does not exceed 100 pages or 10 MB, but it does not help you to edit or change the text, it is designed to help you add your own text, images, and links.

With it, you can also choose the size, font type, color, alignment, and apply effects such as writing in bold type and underlining with the ability to add some geometric shapes and put white space over anything you want to hide.

It also allows you to delete individual pages from the PDF file, rotate pages, crop parts of the page, reorganize and arrange pages, add more pages from other PDF files, and it also contains a desktop version, but it is not free.

It is considered one of the best sites used to modify PDF files for computer, Android and iPhone, it allows you to download a PDF file and make changes to it and then save it again on your computer with the ability to add images, texts, shapes or your signature.

You can share the pdf files saved in Dropbox or Google Drive to edit them from the site or the site’s desktop program.

It also helps you to add geometric shapes, lines, and colors, and add white space to the areas that you want to delete, but you cannot edit or change the text of the pdf through it.

These were the best sites used to edit files in pdf format, as well as the safest site for your data.

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