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EA reveals that Dead Space Remake will be updated for “modern audiences”

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In one of the quickest contradictions in recent memory, EA stated that every member of the team “is just as insistent on what Philippe calls ‘the first pillar’ of the remake project: honoring the legacy of the original game,” before immediately citing the admission of Yazijan, and that the team would be “[a acabar] with some things that don’t work.”

“The main source of inspiration is the original vision of Dead Space,” said Yazijan. “We are sure that we are following the story, the art direction, everything, out of respect for the original game. ”

He added: “We’re taking the opportunity to also eliminate some things that don’t work and ensure the game remains relevant to modern audiences – but even that has to be done surgically. And that’s how, much to the dismay of gamers wishing to revive the survival horror title in all its gruesome, uncensored glory, EA revealed that its upcoming remake of Dead Space will be updated to keep the game “relevant to the public modern”.


EA’s intention to modify Dead Space was first made public with the publication of its “Meet the Team Leading the Remake of Dead Space” blog, in which Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme, Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Art Director Mike Yazijian talked about their experiences working on the remake that is now coming.

In a section of the post titled ‘Honoring the Legacy’, EA explained that the Dead Space Remake “is not a reboot – that is, it’s not a total franchise redesign – but it’s also not a remaster, and that it’s mostly high resolution , a faster running version of the same game. ”


“Instead,” the post continued, “it’s a remake, rebuilding everything from scratch on a new engine – while maintaining, and being respectful, what made the original so special. This contradiction in design philosophy was also echoed by Philippe, who stated that “What fans want, what people expect out of the game – we want to be able to match that, deliver the game they want. ” “And their thoughts confirming that we did it, right? It’s a great inspiration”, he concluded.

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