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DuckDuckGo bets on Email Protection to ensure greater security

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DuckDuckGo recently announced the Email Protection service, whose main objective is to prevent advertising companies from accessing users’ email boxes.

To enjoy the protection of Email Protection, the user must have an address with the domain. The system will evaluate the content sent, before sending it to the email of its original recipient. With this functionality, users guarantee that e-mails do not pass through advertising companies, that is, they will not be able to access personal data or be aware of the content of their communications.

Disposable emails will be created in the DuckDuckGo browser and extensions, and the company will ensure that users only receive the emails that are relevant to them. If it is of interest to you, the information that is filtered and that is not received, as well as the data that, without this service, would be provided, will be able to be visualized directly in the DuckDuckGo application.

DuckDuckGo bets on Email Protection to ensure greater security

Users can create “temporary” emails, which will be associated with their main account. Thus, it will not be necessary to provide your original email, keeping your privacy. These emails are, above all, advised to be used in newsletters or other offers that, in principle, are not very secure.

With this feature, the forms will show you the option to give your original email or a provisional one. This is an interesting alternative as, sometimes, people waste time creating secondary emails in order not to receive unwanted information.

DuckDuckGo announces that after an email is processed, it is deleted and does not remain on the company’s servers. Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of the company noted that “the high-level goal is to ensure that simple privacy protection is available to everyone, wherever they are.”

The company will still enter a testing phase, and only at a later time will it be available to everyone.

Source: Wired

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