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Dropbox adds new tools, including faster backups

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Dropbox is updating a number of UI tweaks as well as new tools and features. One of the most useful additions is a new file conversion feature, which allows users to convert images between different formats, such as JPEG and PNG, and files into PDFs.

Dropbox is a file storage and sharing service. It is based on the concept of “cloud computing”. It belongs to Dropbox Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.

The company provides computer centers that store its customers’ files. After the files are transferred to the company’s servers, they will be accessible from any device that has Internet access.

Dropbox adds new tools including faster backups

Automatic backups, which will now be available to users on the free Dropbox tier, are also getting some improvements.

Uploads should now be faster and more reliable, and on iOS there is now an option to specify exactly which folders you want to be automatically copied (the feature will come to Android later this year). There is also the option to automatically delete photos after backup to save space.

The service’s password manager, which was made available to free account holders in April, is now also being updated to store credit and debit card details.

Dropbox password manager is available to both free and paid account holders, but free accounts are limited and can only store a maximum of 50 passwords.

In the web version of Dropbox, this same version is also receiving updates in its side navigation interface, making it easier to organize files by dragging and dropping.

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The details pane is also undergoing changes to provide more details about your files quickly. Desktop users will also receive a simplified system interface.

Source: theverge

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