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Dragging from 0-100 km/h in 1.99 sec with the Tesla Model S Plaid is crazy

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One of these test drives, shared by Tesla Model 3 owner Raj, provided a great insight into just how violent the new car’s launch was. As a Tesla owner, Raj is familiar with the instant torque of the company’s vehicles.

Also on his test drive, Raj noted that the Model S Plaid was a completely different level compared to the Model 3. Eli Burton, owner of S “Raven” Performance, noted that the Model S Plaid launch was significantly more intense than the model. its ridiculous car mode.

Tesla Model 3 Performance owner and ‘Ride the Lightning’ podcast host Ryan McCaffrey shared the same sentiments, frankly noting that his high-performance electric car is ruined after his experience on the Model S Plaid. In a commentary to Teslarati, Tesla advocate Johnna Crider noted that the Model S Plaid’s 0-60 mph launch felt a lot like a shut-down plane, just much, much more intense.

Dragging from 0 100 kmh in 199 sec with the TeslaConsidering the fact that the vehicle doesn’t really stop pulling at full power once it’s past its ‘start up’, these comments seem pretty accurate.

The Tesla Model S Plaid’s specs are, so to speak, something to be believed. This is especially true when it comes to vehicle acceleration, which features a 0-60 mph (about 97 km/h) time of 1.99 seconds. And thanks to its unique transmission speed, the Model S Plaid would continue to pull at full power until it passed the 160 km/h mark.

Watch the Model S Plaid test videos below:

These specs used to be saved only for the most esteemed supercars on the market or vehicles whose prices are in the millions. However, thanks to some good old physicists, a good load of experience in building electric cars and batteries, Tesla was able to achieve such performance in a large four-door sedan that it wouldn’t seem out of context if it sported a pair of highchairs. child in your second row.

With such specs, it came as no surprise that testing the new car was nothing short of exciting. This was evident in videos shared by a number of Tesla enthusiasts who were lucky enough to experience the S Plaid model at its first-hand launch.

And it goes without saying that the experience was absolutely crazy.

Source: Teslarati

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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