Download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban

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You can now download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, the latest version of 2021, against the ban, which contains many features that differ from the traditional WhatsApp version.

Although the WhatsApp Gold version is not from the original developers of WhatsApp, it is a professional version that contains great features and many updates that are different even from other professional WhatsApp versions with the addition of an anti-ban feature that helps to use WhatsApp Gold continuously, and below you will find Many features and how to download and install WhatsApp Gold Edition.

Download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban

Download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban

What is WhatsApp Gold?

It is the same as the traditional WhatsApp application on the Play Store, but professional developers have added some features that are lacking in it, making it an integrated application in terms of security, chatting and privacy.

And the developers worked on hiding conversations and developing methods of protection from spying, data theft, and many other features that we will mention below. The application works on Android devices for each of Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, Infinix and other Android phones.

The application is more smooth and streamlined in performance and light in weight that does not take up much of your phone space and can be installed for Android devices starting from Android 4.1.

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What are the advantages of WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold offers several features that differ from the advantages of traditional WhatsApp, and you can see them as follows:

  • The application is updated automatically without manual updating.
  • The application is against the ban, which enables you to use it safely after the original WhatsApp developers noticed the change to the users of the professional versions of WhatsApp and blocked them.
  • Hide appearing (online)
  • Hide the writing feature and hide the seen feature so that no one knows you saw the message.
  • The possibility of cutting off the internet from the application only instead of cutting it off the phone as a whole.
  • Pictures or videos sent to you will not appear in your gallery.
  • The ability to see deleted messages at any time, i.e. messages that were sent to you and then were deleted by the sender.
  • The ability to download cases that your friends publish on WhatsApp.
  • The possibility of operating two numbers WhatsApp or more.
  • Hide secret messages feature.
  • Providing many new Arab and foreign themes and stickers for the Golden WhatsApp.
  • Increase the number of Alasturi characters to 250 characters.
  • Choose a friend and prevent him from contacting you on WhatsApp.
  • The ability to hide and show the floating button in the chat screen.
  • Advantage of changing the voice while recording voice messages.
  • Send more than 10 pictures at one time.
  • Send an audio clip of 100 MB.
  • Use the fingerprint to close conversations.
  • Notice of the mation if someone in the group replies to you or mentions @ you
  • Cool effects available on the main screen.
  • The possibility of automatic reply and provision of scheduled messages.
  • Change the location and color of notifications.
  • Feature to hide the time of the last appearance.
  • The ability to send a video size of 30 MB.
  • It contains many fonts used in writing letters.
  • Notify who has seen your status.
  • Simple WhatsApp cleaning to reduce the size.
  • And many other features you can find inside the application.
Download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban

Download WhatsApp Gold

You can download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban, from here.

The application comes in a size of approximately 49 MB, and after the download is completed, go to the downloads folder and install the apk file of the application, taking into account deleting any previous golden WhatsApp copies that you have.

Register your WhatsApp number and go to the settings, through which you can customize the settings in the way you prefer by disabling or enabling certain features.

Download WhatsApp Gold 9.30, latest version 2021, against the ban

Please note that using the application remains at your personal responsibility and that is not a cause for concern, but it is your personal data first and foremost, and you are the one who decides how to use it, and this is the writer’s trust.

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