Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022

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You can easily download any video from tiktok without a watermark in several simple ways, all of which are suitable for your computer and phone, whether Android or iPhone. Simple ways you can follow what suits you.

Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022

Download tiktok video without watermark

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Download video from tiktok through the app itself

The first method helps you download any video from Tik Tok through the application itself, if the video publisher has allowed this through its settings while uploading the video, and you can then follow the following:

  • Open the video you want to download from the Tik Tok application, whether on Android or iPhone.
  • Click on the “Share” button shown in the image below.
Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022
  • A list will appear that contains several applications, choose “Save Video”.
Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022 2
  • You will notice the video download percentage at the top of the phone screen and ends with 100% when the download is finished.

That was how to download a video from tiktok easily without using another application and without a watermark.

Download video from tiktok through videoder

It is one of the best applications to download videos from any social networking application easily without a watermark and the application contains several features such as:

  • The ability to download any video from social networking applications such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and many others.
  • The possibility of downloading videos in several different quality and downloading in 4K quality.
  • Multiple downloads of songs at one time by selecting what you want to download and then downloading at one time.
  • The high speed of downloading videos.
  • Organizing the music library and adding pictures to the songs so that they appear in the song player with their own pictures.
  • Detecting transferred links easily, meaning that if you copy a video link in any social networking application, you will see the videoder application sign, click on it to download.
  • The possibility of downloading a complete list of songs on YouTube.
  • Convert video clips to MP3 format.

And many other features that you will find inside the wonderful application, and you can follow the same previous steps to download by clicking on the video share and choose the videoder application from the list that will appear to you and you will notice that there are different download qualities, choose the one that suits you.

What is wrong with the application is the ads, and it is not available for iPhone devices and is only available for Android devices and computers, and you can Download the application from here And that you will find the image contains the applications and websites supported by the videoder application.

It will be downloaded directly and the application is free.

Download tiktok video without watermark 2022

Download video from tiktok for iPhone

For iPhone users, the video can be downloaded without a watermark through the screen recording feature on the main screen.

  • Open the video you want to download from the Tik Tok app.
  • Swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone to open the Control Center and press the circular screen recording button, and you will notice a timer appears before the screen recording starts. Swipe up to exit the Control Center.
Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022 3
  • You can repeat it whenever you want to download any video.

Download video from tiktok to phone and computer without watermark

You can use some sites that help you download a video from Tik Tok without a watermark easily, by clicking on the share sign and choosing copy link, then copy it in one of the sites that we will mention below.

NSsnaptik . sign

ssstik . site

Download video from tiktok without watermark 2022

Those were the best ways to download videos from tiktok for free and without watermark.

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