Download the Signal application, an alternative to WhatsApp 2021

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You may have heard recently about the application Signal, an alternative to WhatsApp, which is the application that spread its fame after the tweet published by Canadian businessman Elon Musk, who is currently ranked as the richest man in the world, surpassing Jeff Bezos.

We have a lot of information about the application and the reason for its popularity in the last period, and downloading it below.

Download the Signal application, an alternative to WhatsApp

Download the Signal application, an alternative to WhatsApp

Why is Signal special?

The application is considered one of the relatively new social media and it is available for both iPhone and Android, as well as a version for Windows so that you can use it on the computer and a copy for Mac and another for Linux, and you can create an account on the Signal application for free and that is through the phone number only.

The application is very similar to the WhatsApp application as well as the Facebook Messenger application. It is a messaging application with some features such as individual messages, groups, stickers, photos, file transfers, voice calls and even video calls. You can have group conversations with up to 1000 people and Make conference phone calls with up to eight people.

What distinguishes the application is that it is not owned by a profitable organization, but rather that it is not owned by a large technological institution such as Facebook, but rather has been developed by a non-profit institution and does not aim to profit from the application and Signal does not try to collect data about you to be used for advertisements or for anything else.

All conversations are encrypted on the Signal alternative application and WhatsApp end-to-end, which means that even the owners of the application cannot see any of your conversations, which is what makes the application really unique.

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Signal conversations are encrypted

The application developers have created a strong encryption system for both voice calls and video calls as well as text conversations, including sharing pictures and files so that only people participating in the call can see them, and encryption occurs between individual devices and even the company operating the Signal application cannot see any From messages, calls or photos.

Download the Signal application, an alternative to WhatsApp

And it is what is considered completely different from profitable companies such as Facebook, the owner of Messenger applications, and also Instagram and WhatsApp, which depends on your free use of the applications in exchange for collecting your data and giving it to commercial entities that use it to display the products that you are looking for or talking about.

The app also contains other privacy features such as messages that will self-delete (disappearing) after a period of time.

And the picture below was published by the official account of the Signal app on Twitter, and it shows what WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage collect about you in exchange for the Signal app that does not collect any data.

And what has caused its popularity in the recent period is what has been announced regarding the new WhatsApp policies and what may result in the use of your data so that they can target ads appropriately, but WhatsApp has denied that it is eavesdropping on any of your messages, but it is still considered vague. In a world not without data trafficking in order to increase profit.

After that, Elon Musk recommended in his tweet on his official Twitter account to use the Signal app, which considered it safer.

Download Signal

You can download the Signal application for both Android as well as iPhone and Windows for free. As we mentioned, you can create an account on the application by using only your phone number and you will be asked to access the contacts on your phone and Signal checks them securely to see which of them are too Of Signal users.

Download Signal for Android

Download Signal for iPhone

Signal download for Windows

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