Download the game asphalt 9

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Download the game asphalt 9Who of you does not know the asphalt series of car racing games, this distinguished series is one of the best electronic games in terms of a high level of quality, up to the graphics, which is developed and the game is developed by Gameloft, which is known as one of the best manufacturers of electronic games for phones and for game platforms such as Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows operating systems, let’s get to know the asphalt 9 game, its most important specifications, and what are the requirements to download it.

Download the game asphalt 9

Download the game asphalt 9

The game asphalt 9 is the latest downloaded game in the car games, and it is the ninth version of the asphalt game series that was launched by Gameloft, where it was developed and updated significantly from the rest of the games that were published in the asphalt series, and that the company did not reach skill in Programming those games that make the player addicted to playing those fun games.

Android and iPhone users in this version of the game can change the quality, as there are three options which are default, medium and high quality, and the full HD option appears with fantastic and high performance, but it is suitable for devices with high capabilities.

Asphalt 9 is a 3D game that appears closer to the truth when you play. You find it easy to drive your car in the game at full speed on different roads, using your phone to drive with the gyroscope feature that the game was designed with, and you can also race with friends or players that you add in the list Your friends are from all over the world and you enjoy talking to them through the mic.

Download asphalt 9 for PC

You can download the asphalt 9 game on your computer, but first you must have an emulator program through which you can simulate the game from its operating system, which is Android to the Windows operating system, and the best emulator that you can download the asphalt 9 game is a bluestak emulator. Follow the following steps so that you can: Play the game on your computer:

  1. Download bluestack emulator On your computer, install it and register with your email in order to be able to access the play store of the emulator.
  2. Search for asphalt 9 Legends in the search menu of the emulator.
  3. After that, download the game by clicking on the word install.
  4. You will find that the game icon has appeared in front of you in the main menu of the emulator and you will then click on it and complete the registration data on the game and listen to playing with the keyboard on your computer.

Asphalt 9 game requirements

There are some requirements that you need in your device to be able to open the game, but they are a bit high, so the company that designed the game made a low version that can be downloaded in all devices and also easily run on low-performance devices where the game space is 2.1 GB, and among the requirements to run the game:

  1. Android operating system or Android emulator for PC.
  2. CPU be higher or equal to intel core i3 3.3GHz.
  3. Your device’s RAM should be greater or equal to 4 GB.

You can download the game via Google Play.

The places and locations in the game asphalt 9

Gameloft is not only interested in the quality of the game and cars, but also in placing famous and distinguished places from all over the world in the game so that the player can enjoy the backgrounds with accurate details and high skills, and from these places are Shanghai, San Francisco, the American West, Cairo and the Himalayas, and a new site has been added Never before has it been placed in the latest game update which is the Caribbean Islands.

The game is not only satisfied with these things, but you can also control the specifications of your car in the game and make changes to it completely, such as making modifications to the engine, changing the color of the car and the minute details inside it such as brakes and choosing its type until you reach the design of your car to ensure victory and reach the first place on the racetrack.

The game contains more than 70 tracks that can be raced, and the company has added to the game the opportunity to play in an atmosphere of giant hurricanes and natural climatic fluctuations, depicting what is happening on the American wilderness, landslides in the Himalayas and drifts that exist in East Asian countries and enjoying those stunning landscapes.

There are also movement and collision effects that are very distinct from the rest of the racing and car games and give more enthusiasm to the players, as the game owns more than 46 cars with real designs and these cars are shown with high accuracy and full details, as Gameloft has taken care of the perfect and accurate appearance due to the high quality of the game and these cars The famous sports Bugatti, Mercedes and BMW, where these cars are put together to create an interesting collection for the players makes this new version of the game more desirable than any other game that has been designed.

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In the end, we have shown you to download the asphalt 9 game, what are the specifications of the game Asphalt 9, what devices the game works on, as well as the requirements to run the game Asphalt 9.

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