Download action games for adults for Android 2021

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Downloading action games for adults is one of the most popular games on various platforms where there is a lot of movement and it needs to think and focus, in addition to the speed of intuition and reaction, and the action games vary greatly where there are fighting games, adventure games, shooting games, etc., and for each game A specific gameplay and its special features, which makes it a favorite among a certain category of users, and below we present to you the 5 best action games for adults on Android.

Ailment game is one of the best action games for adults and it is considered a very simple game where you play with a character and shoot enemies, this game is not at the level of professional games such as Peggy and Call of Duty, however it is very entertaining. In this game, your view is from the top and the direction of your player is down the screen and he meets the enemies on the way, and you have a different set of weapons that you can use to fight your enemies and eliminate them, and simple controls appear on the screen to control the player and shoot, and you can download the game Free through the link above, and there are ads inside the game.

Blackmoor 2 game is one of the very cool fighting games that is preferred by lovers of action and fighting games as you go somewhere and meet some enemies that you have to fight and overcome them to win the game and skip roles, and this game has many features that make it a very wonderful game and the most important of these The advantages is the support of a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and compete with them, and you can play in a PvP mode where a random person is through the Internet, and the additional features in the game include good control and the ability to save in the cloud in Google Play and many other things and you can download the game from Play store through the link above and this game is considered one of the best action games for adults 2021.

You may not have heard about the game Brawl Stars before, but if you are a fan of Android, then you definitely know the very famous game Clash of Clans, which is developed by Supercell, which develops many Android games, including the very distinctive Brawl Stars game as you fight with enemies in The game platform, and there are many modes in the game and the most popular mode is three against three, but you can play in a two-against-two and one-against-one mode as well, and this game is characterized by simple graphics and good control buttons, and you can download the game for free through the Play Store from the link in The highest, and in-game purchases are available for premium items.

The action games category for adults includes a lot of very distinctive games that you can play on your Android phone, and the Battle Royale games are among the best of those games, but what may be wrong with them is that they are of a large size and are considered somewhat difficult to play, if you have no problem In that you can then try one of these games.

The best of these games include a game Call of Duty It is from the first-person perspective games where you are in a battle of 100 people and you have to kill your enemies and continue until the end to win the game, and there are a lot of weapons, clothes and characters that you can play with, and from the famous battle royale games also all from Peggy and Fortanite and many others, You can download Call of Duty through the link above, and you can see our list of the best Battle Royale games in the following article:

The best Battle Royale games for Android like PUBG and Fortnite

Dead Cells is one of the best action games for adults on Android, and it is one of the very distinctive action games, as you play as a fighter and you have to fight enemies and collect gems to win the game. The game includes many levels, which you advance during the game so that you can win the game and there are many One of the obstacles in the game that you must overcome as the game contains simple graphics and good controls that you can also customize according to your desire, but what is wrong with the game is that it is not free as it costs $ 8.99 on the Play Store, but it does not contain any in-app purchases If you want free games, you can choose one of the previous games.

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