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Dorsey focuses on algorithms of decentralized social networks

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Twitter CEO (Jack Dorsey) Jack Dorsey imagines a future where you can choose what you see via decentralized social networks by choosing your preferred recommendation algorithm, rather than relying on one company.

Dorsey wants users to have more decentralization on social networking algorithms by giving users the option to choose their own recommendation algorithm rather than having a default algorithm from one company.

Moreover, the social networking platform wants to create a store that looks like an app store where users can download the algorithm of their choice.

Dorsey believes that decentralized social networks are possible and a much better option for many social media platforms today, especially Twitter itself.

Dorsey notes that Twitter sees the network out of its control as a more competitive network, as Twitter benefits by accessing much larger conversation groups through which it can display relevant content to users.

He added: Twitter is passionate about building features that will give people more choices about what they see, as you can imagine an algorithm store that gives people ultimate flexibility in terms of the posts they put in front of them.

Twitter may adopt its ranking algorithms for people to choose from, along with offering a store where people choose different options.

By enjoying this absolute flexibility, users are more interested in participating in the platform, and the platform does not only plan to host this store, but rather participate in it.

Business benefits through Giving people more options, in this way, more people participate in social media platforms, as the experience becomes more personalized.

Dorsey sees decentralization as a way to address some of the problems around Section 230, the law that grants platforms protection from user-generated content.

The law has been a popular target for some lawmakers, and the decentralized network of Twitter may offer a way to avoid problems if stricter rules are in place, whether those rules require more supervision or apply a more neutral approach to the content offered.

Twitter has been slowly developing the decentralized social network for more than a yearAdvertise Dorsey on the project, called Bluesky, in December 2019.

Twitter said: The Bluesky team may choose to work with the existing decentralized system, or they might build a new system if the team believes this is the best approach.

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