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Don’t Wait any longer: Immediately remove these 8 applications

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Remove these applications immediately. They contain malware and make purchases without your prior authorization. Out of a total of 700,000 applications, eight have been discovered with malware. These applications not only capture all the text that users write in messages, but also take the opportunity to use the person’s own money to make purchases.

According to the company McAfee, these applications were listed on the Google Play Store before Google had any indication of this situation.

McAfee claims that applications that contain malware are “disguised” as normal applications, which leads users not to be suspicious. For that reason it is very difficult to know if they will be malicious applications or not.

They appear in the form of photo editors, wallpapers, puzzles, skins for keyboards and software related to cameras.

Dont Wait any longer Immediately remove these 8 applications

In order to overcome the Google security barrier, applications are guaranteed to be free from any kind of problem, but with some updates applied later, lines of malicious code are added.

One of the best methods we can have in our hands to be informed about a problem related to an application is for example to follow some discussion forums and read the various comments that are being placed there. With that we will risk less and probably save ourselves a lot of problems.

McAfee further indicates that Etinu is quite similar to another type of malware known as Joker existing in the Android operating system that steals all the content of what the user writes in his messages and takes advantage of all that to make unauthorized purchases. Even though Google has removed the apps from the Play Store, they can continue to work on your device.

The eight applications that urgently need to be uninstalled are the following:

  1. 2021 Wallpaper and Keyboard
  2. PIP Camera
  3. My Favorites Up Keypaper
  4. Super Color Hairdryer
  5. Picture Editor
  6. Hit Camera
  7. Keyboard Wallpaper
  8. Super Star Ringtones

McAfee also informs you that by using its security package called McAfee Mobile Security, it can help users to always find these types of applications on their devices and thereby help them to be always protected.

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Two of the eight apps you need to uninstall.

Source: Phone Arena

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