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Do you use NOS Wifi away from home? we have bad news

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One of the features that may be interesting for consumers who have contracts with NOS and MEO is the use of wifi outside the home through other customers. How did it work? If you have a NOS or MEO router, you may have already noticed that a new wifi signal called NOS Wifi or MEO Wifi also appears and that’s how this system works.

What happens is that all customers of these operators who have a router also provide a free signal to be accessed by third parties with an account with the same operator. This way, for those who use it, it allows them to be away from home and access the wifi without having to use mobile data. However, this possibility for NOS customers will end.

According to what can be found in the NOS website, the operator will phase out the service until the next 13th of August, after which it will no longer be possible to access NOS Wifi using your account and the hostpots will be unavailable.

Do you use NOS Wifi away from home we have

This service was very interesting, particularly when a few years ago it also allowed NOS customers to use the same service, which was called Fon (Fonera), outside Portugal, allowing a free wifi service outside our country. This possibility had already been discontinued in March 2020, and in Portugal, and with mobile tariffs increasing internet ceilings, it has been verified that the use of this service has been reduced.

In addition, it also turns out that latest NOS routers, this NOS Wifi is no longer available either, which may have helped the mobile operator to go in this direction and end up discontinuing this service.

However, the truth is that if you or I did not use it or knew about it, there are always those who use it, with a clear emphasis on those with low internet ceilings and, thus, this decision by NOS is clear bad news for consumers , namely in cases where customers had poor access to mobile data and the use of this type of networks was essential. Let’s hope that MEO does not follow the same direction.

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