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Do you always want to record calls from strangers? Google has solution

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Unfortunately, sometimes strange things happen and when we receive calls from private numbers, there are situations that we should have even managed to record the call. It is already known that there are some call recording solutions on the Play Store, however, Google has decided to take this idea a step further.

The ability to record calls on the Google Phone app is a popular addition, but the feature is expanding to include the ability to automatically record all calls from numbers that are not in your contacts.

If you receive a lot of spam calls or have problems with people calling from numbers you don’t recognize, the ability to record any unknown numbers offers an additional layer of protection when accepting those calls.

There has already been some information in this regard, but until now the resource had not reached the market. The resource was identified as being implemented more widely by the XDA, with some regional limitations, at least until Google launches the slightly broader option.

With this change, you can set the application to start recording automatically whenever a call comes from a number that is not in the user’s contacts. Google notes that, although the number is not known, a message will still be played to all callers notifying them of the recording, not to mention that despite the recording being made, it may not have a legal basis for the recording. its use.

The ability to record calls is found in a new “Call Recording” section of the Google Phone app. Fortunately, according to XDA, this also doesn’t appear to be limited to a specific type of Android device. There are several reports of call recording available for devices like Xiaomi and Nokia in some regions.

We can only assume that the feature is being implemented, but it can be especially useful as a deterrent for spam callers or even as a way to record important calls.

Of course, if you record a call using the Google Phone app, you will be subject to local laws and legislation – so it may be worth checking before activating the feature if it is available to you.

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