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DJI Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick

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Launched DJI just released the Osmo Mobile 5, a new smartphone mount that includes a telescopic selfie stick built right into the handle.

The Osmo Mobile 5 maintains the same foldable design principle as its predecessors. But with some minor changes.

The stabilizer is slightly smaller and lighter this year. Users note that the angle of the handle is sharper than before to accommodate the 8.4-inch selfie stick.

There’s also a new button on the handle, which lets you quickly access some of the essential Osmo Mobile 5 features.

But with the changes in the design, the battery life is greatly affected. And while the Osmo Mobile 4 is rated for 15 hours, the Osmo Mobile 5 has shrunk to six hours and 20 minutes.

And when the company introduced the Osmo Mobile 4, the standout feature was the pair of magnetic mounts that made attaching your phone to the holder easy.

But the mounts require extra effort to work with a larger phone than usual, especially if said phone has a case.

As a result, the company has upgraded the magnetic clip so that it extends farther. But like last year, magnets are still not compatible with Apple’s MagSafe magnets.

Osmo Mobile 5 also comes with improved install engines and has added a new smart feature, Shotguides.

Osmo Mobile 5 scans your surroundings and gives you up to 30 sets of tips and directions for shooting videos with this stabilizer.

Once all recommended clips have been shot, the stabilizer automatically edits them and combines them into a single video in the DJI Mimo app.

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DJI Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick

DJI’s other smart tracking features also get a performance upgrade. Active Track 4.0 is now improved for facial recognition and tracking, resulting in more responsive performance.

All pre-programmed shooting modes from Osmo Mobile 4 can also be found via Osmo Mobile 5. In addition to other standard modes we’ve seen before like Hyperlapse, Timelapse, and Motionlapse.

The Osmo Mobile 5 from DJI is available in two colors, gray and white. DJI is also selling a new optional accessory for $79, the DJI Fill Light Phone Clamp. Which is similar to a standard magnetic clasp. But with built-in lights to help brighten up your selfies.

With the release of Osmo Mobile 5, the Osmo Mobile 4 has been renamed Osmo Mobile SE, and it’s the same installer as last year, including the same old 15-hour battery life. But with the upgraded magnetic clasp, all for $119.

The Osmo Mobile 5 is available now for $159, which is $10 more than the Osmo Mobile 4 and about $30 more than the Osmo Mobile 3 cost at launch.

The Osmo Mobile 5 comes as a standard package with a carabiner, clip, tripod, wrist strap and pouch.

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