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DJI Air 2S is announced with 20MP camera

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DJI has announced a new drone, the DJI Air 2S is much more than an upgrade to one of the best drones on the market. The new Air 2S brings a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor to the sub-600g frame for the first time, offering creators cutting-edge performance in an agile (and portable) drone.

The camera’s specs have not been seen on such a small drone before, but they are not the only better spec than its predecessor DJI Mavic Air 2. The new quadcopter also features DJI’s MasterShots content creation tool, sensors that send objects, with a new upstream sensor with a range of 12 km, which makes this product ideal and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and operators looking to capture professional-level images with the help of artificial intelligence.

The new f / 2.8 camera, has a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, can capture video from 5.4K at 30fps or 4K at 60fps. The bit rate has been increased to 150 Mbps, 30 Mbps more than its predecessor and 50 more than the Mavic 2 Pro. Although the Air 2’s half-inch sensor is good in low light, it actually has 12 megapixels (a Quad – 48 MP layer, with each pixel of only 0.8 μm). The new sensor in the Air 2S has pixels larger than 2.4μm.

The camera is not the same as the Mavic 2 Pro; this drone has a field of view of 77˚ (28 mm EFL), while the new Air 2S has a wider 88˚ (22 mm EFL), but a fixed aperture. The photos offer 12.6 points of dynamic range as RAW files and 10-bit D-log video available.

The flight time is 31 minutes, three minutes less than the Air 2, but with 595g the new drone and the camera are 25g heavier. At 180 x 97 x 74 mm, the dimensions of the Air 2 and the new Air 2S are identical, although the nose and the top lining are new. The maximum speed also remains at 19 m / s, although the normal mode has been curiously accelerated to 15 m / s.

The “Advanced Pilot Avoidance System” (APAS) has been updated, and takes advantage of all four sensors in the front, up and forward, thanks to the angle of the fuselage during the flight. DJI says the Air 2S is suitable for narrow environments, and the system can trace escape routes or simply stop and hover.

DJI Air 2S is announced with 20MP camera

The Air 2S also inherits the ADS-B to warn pilots about aviation activity in the vicinity, as well as the geographic delimitation of the DJI and the return home.

O3, DJI’s new name for OcuSync 3, increases the range to 12 km, in authorized areas, over the 10 km of Air 2, adding 2 more antennas to the fuselage. In his ad, Ferdinand Wolf of DJI said “DJI Air 2S is a wish list that comes to life for everyone who requires more than one drone”, which could sum up photography and travel enthusiasts who want more than the Mini 2 offers , but still want to keep size and weight to a minimum.

DJI Air 2S is announced with 20MP camera

As usual for DJI, the drone is being offered in standard and ‘Fly More’ packages, the latter offering a total of three batteries, a charging hub, 4 ND filters and a pouch.

The new DJI Air 2S is already on sale at official site for € 1029, and if you want € 1329

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